Pops of Color

March 26th, 2013

It’s no secret… we LOVE color! We especially love bright pops of color paired with neutrals. So we’ve gathered our favorite beautiful pops of color in design, home decor and fashion.


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This birth announcement design is such a beautiful use of a pop of color. We love the light aqua and white paired with a BRIGHT color that demands to be noticed. The kraft paper envelope is yet another neutral that makes sure the bright color is center stage. In addition to the type on the flag, we can’t get enough of the coordinating stitching. Such a fun and thoughtful use of color!



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This party is so fun and the use of color is just beautiful. Here, neutrals take the stage in many shades of brown, but you can’t miss that bright punch of blue that screams BOY! Pops of color make the loudest statement when you stick to neutrals and ONE bright, like this blue. In addition to beautiful use of color, how cute are all the details of this party? We love the theme of milk and cookies for a shower and the possibilities are endless.



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This pantry door is the perfect pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. Although a bold move, it totally pays off with just the right amount of bold color. Although not as bright, the rug ties the color in nicely making the room feel cohesive and unique.



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This bedroom is the classic example of pairing neutrals (the every classic black and white) with a bright color. Keeping the brights to a minimum really punches up the class to this traditional black and white scheme. Sometimes people go overboard with too many colors or even too many instances of a color, but this room is kept simple and beautiful by keeping the color to a minimum. Best part of this palette: totally easy to switch. Change the pillow and the throw and you’ve got a whole new look.


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The perfect wardrobe is filled with classic neutral pieces and the occasional pop of color. One of the most versatile wardrobe essentials is colored cardigans. They just work with everything! We love the color choice with this black and white dress but we’re sure it would be equally as stunning with many other colors.



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One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your outfit is in your shoes. Every girl needs a selection of colorful shoes for this very purpose. Although you may be temped to be completely matchy-matchy, we love throwing in a totally random color that isn’t found anywhere else on your outfit. We especially love red shoes and find them to be a necessity in every girls closet.

Now go and fill your world with color!